In 1960, an interesting and unusual children's TV show made it's debut - DIVER DAN . Caught in an era, somewhere between Kukla, Fran & Ollie and Stingray, Diver Dan reflects a gentler time - past the live TV puppet shows of the 50's and before the faster paced, action packed cartoons of Hannah-Barbera of the 60's.

Starring Frank Freda, as the deep sea explorer Diver Dan, and Suzanne Turner, as the beautiful and elusive mermaid Miss Minerva - the rest of the cast was made up of marionette fish puppets. Allen Swift, who did all the voices for THE HOWDY DOODY SHOW and cartoons such as UNDERDOG (he was Simon Bar Sinister), KING LEONARDO and TOOTER THE TURTLE ("Help me Mr. Wizard!") provided the voices for all the fish characters and the diver.

Our underwater issue, with the Diver Dan story, is sold out, but you can download a PDF version of the article below.

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